Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 9 – le 8 janvier 2010

La nourriture (food)

The food that I eat here is amazing. I thought I was going to loose weight on this trip, because I assumed that I might have trouble with some of the food – which I have once or twice, but that’s all. The rest of the time, I try my hardest to eat all of the delicious food, but I get too full and feel like I’m going to explode before I get to that point.

Every day for lunch we have fish. The lunch they have here is some cooked fish with a variety of vegetables and rice/couscous stuff. I think it’s more rice than couscous, but the grains of rice are very small. You squeeze a little bit of lime over everything, and it is very delicious.

For dinner, my host mother always makes something delicious that is exploding with FLAVOR (Yes Logan: FLAVOR). It’s like eating a rainbow, there is such a variety of FLAVOR. I really don’t know how to describe it. And it’s so delicious, I eat it as fast as possible because I just can’t get enough. And then I realize that I ate too much and my stomach, although happy with the delicious food, gurgles with slight resentment for the rest of the evening.

I mentioned this before, but after the visit from Touba, I had that weird curdled milk and cheese/yogurt thing that was really hard for me to eat. I kept making deals with myself after every bite. I told myself that I had to get to the bottom, but when that was not achievable, I would just swallow the whole spoonful immediately after touching my tongue. After a gag, I told myself: Okay, 5 more bites. After one bite of that: Okay, 2 more bites, you can do this Monica, don’t be culturally insensitive. After that, I kept taking bites with the promise: This is the last bite, then you’re done. I kept worrying if I didn’t eat enough, would it be insulting? So, finally when I got to the point that I thought I had eaten enough that showed that I was full, and not insulting I stopped.

But other than that, I haven’t had a bad meal.

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