Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5 – le 4 janvier 2010

Today, nothing super exciting happened. We had orientation today, and got an official tour of the island. By that, I mean we were shown the good restaurants, bars, clubs, and internet café’s. I walked all the way into town, walked all over the island in circles, then walked all the way back. I think it takes me about 30 or 45 minutes to walk to la ville, as they call it, or the city. (So, I was probably walking for 2-ish hours with my heavy backpack.)

Today, I was able to get my hands on several things that I didn’t have with me. Like, mosquito repellent, a mosquito net, and a towel. The towel is very pretty. It has a flower, and it’s pink. Very pretty. Also, I took pictures of before and after of my mosquito net. I’m very excited about it. The main reason is because the last several days, my new hobby has been counting my mosquito bites. Last night, I wore a long sleeve shirt to bed, even though it was hot, and some how I managed to wake up with 5 NEW bites on my left elbow, even though there were absolutely none before, and it was covered up… But I’d like to see those crafty little bastards get to me now! HAHA!

After I came back and took a shower, I was taking a video of the house (soon to be posted) and my host mother calls to me saying that later we can take a picture all together with the kids. I thought at this time, that she might like to see pictures from the Touba Mosque, so I grabbed my computer and showed her pictures of the mosque, and the pictures I took on Saturday while walking around Saint-Louis. Then I showed her pictures of my family (She said that my mom was pretty), and then home. Of course, I showed her the prettiest pictures of Dutch Harbor, and only two or three of the winter. There were a couple of good pictures where the clouds were a bunch of different pictures that she liked. Then I showed her pictures of our macaw, Dutch, and the cat, Ole, in a face off on the couch. When I explained to her that Dutch and Ole do not like each other, she had a good laugh.

When I first got here, I think I was shy about my speaking abilities, and was a bit shell-shocked with all the French and the culture and everything, I had trouble speaking and stringing sentences together. Now that I’m getting more comfortable with my surroundings, all the vocabulary is beginning to come back to me. But I’m having trouble remembering the word for “summer.” I’ll figure it out later though…

While being here, I’ve had a couple of thoughts. One of them is that next time I go overseas, I’m going to have short hair. My long hair, while it’s nice that it’s easy to just put all of it back in a bun, is a pain whenever I need to take a shower, because it gets all matted up when I don’t take a shower everyday, and then I spend twenty minutes trying to brush it. It would be so much easier if I could just dunk my head in a bucket of water and soap it up. I’m not going to chop off my hair while I’m hear, but I definitely will next time before going overseas.

Anyway, later tonight, I’m going out with everyone else to hang out, and tomorrow, class starts at 2 pm, so I get to sleep in again. J But right now, it’s my nap time! I’m exhausted from all the walking.

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