Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 11 – le 10 janvier 2010

Sunday - Dimanche

Yesterday, a group of us went to the beach. Nothing super eventful happened, a couple of guys came and tried to sell us things, but they left soon when they realized we weren’t going to buy anything. It was just a day meant for relaxing. We didn’t stay on the beach for very long because it was surprisingly cold. In town, it was pretty hot, and we were thinking that it might even be too hot to go to the beach. But after the taxi ride on the Langue to Barbarie or the peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Saint-Louis River. We went down the peninsula away from the city to a quieter part, and the beach was really nice. There were little tiny crab running around on the beach (they were scared of us), and when I tried to throw sand on them they ran away very quickly. So quickly I couldn’t even see where they went – they were also the same color as the sand.

At one point, a cattle herder was walking his cows along the beach, and they went right by us. That was exciting because there was one cow who was straying away from all the others, and if he didn’t change course, then he would have trampled right over us. But honestly, the cows were walking soooooo slooooowwwwwlllyyyy that it really wasn’t a worry at all. We probably stayed there for about an hour or so before heading back into town.

I forgot to put the pictures from the beach on my computer, so I’ll post them tomorrow.

Next weekend, there is supposed to be a trip to a wildlife reserve with lots of cool birds. I’m not really a bird person, so I’ll just take pictures of everything I see.

-- Another story --

This morning (Sunday) I had another incident with Bazzine. As I grow up, I’ll be honest, I think of the day when I’ll have children. I also think about the day that I’ll be retired, so this isn’t anything I want to do anytime soon. But, when I babysit or meet other people’s children, I think about the day that I’ll have kids. I’m excited for it – again, not trying to make it happen anytime soon – but I’m also worried that I’ll get one of those little brat kids that everyone hates. Obviously, I know nothing about parenting, but I’m still worried that I’ll do the wrong thing and THEN I’ll have a spawn of Satan on my hands that will drive me to my grave, or even kill me while sleeping – that’s what Bazzine is.

Yesterday, in an effort to make friends, I gave her a little present, in the hopes that she would be nice to me. Whenever my dad stays at hotels, he always grabs all the little shampoos, soaps, conditioners, lotions, etc. and gives them to me. I think they’re great because they’re all travel-size and make it through TSA, no problem. And I use them too! Sometimes good companies partner up with hotel chains, and they’re actually pretty nice. Anyway, I saw one in my medicine bag yesterday, and I decided to give one of the little lotions to Bazzine, as a present. It went over well. Except Daoda was jealous, so I gave him a piece of chocolate, and then Bazzine flipped out and tried to give me back to lotion because she wanted chocolate too. Even though I had thought I had given her the much better present. Anyway, that was yesterday.

This morning, I woke up, after sleeping-in, as usual. And went out to the table to eat my breakfast. I was sitting there, minding my own business, and Bazzine comes and joins me. I’m being social and practicing French and trying to ask her questions. She keeps grabbing at stuff, and even takes a sip of my coffee. But then she grabs the knife, and runs off (still in eyesight) and tries to cut her boubou with the knife I was using to put the chocolate spread on my bread. I told her no, which she took as a game. Anyway, the entire event turned into her throwing things at me, and throwing things in my room – to which I had moved my breakfast in an effort to get away from her. I couldn’t close my window so she kept yelling things and running around outside of my room, banging on the door, banging on the window – etc. Unfortunately, there was no one else around at this point, so no one could help me. So, I ended up leaving, and I think I’ll just stay away for most of the day and return this evening. When I do, I’m going to talk to my host mother to see if something can’t be done.

Basically, she’s a nightmare. She also makes me hate all children.

A note to Sam – I would rather have Napoleon clawing my back every single day while washing my face, than live with this demon.


  1. Sounds like that child has never had a time-out before. One of the biggest things that I've learned from my younger nephews and cousins, is that children need boundaries. They need to know that if you say "no", it means "no". You have to be firm and follow through with a time-out if they persist.

    Anyway, sounds like you're trying your hardest with the kids there. I'm sure it will get better.

  2. He doesn't do it anymore. He learned some manners. Or has grown too big... :)