Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 1 - Still in Minneapolis


It's the eve of the new year, and I'm sitting here in the Minneapolis airport drinking a naked juice, anxious for the flight. After an insanely hectic morning where I thought I wasn't going to actually get on the plane, and thought the whole trip was going to be cancelled all together, I am finally relaxed and my heart has stopped racing. Currently, I'm avoiding coffee because I hope to start drooling on my neighbor's shoulder on the plane. But until then, I'm twidling my thumbs and waiting.

The plane should start first by going to JFK, and then to Dakar. After arriving in Dakar, we'll then make our way up to Saint-Louis. Upon arriving in Dakar, there will be a period of orientation, and then probably a much needed nap. I'm not sure what day the french classes start, but I'm looking forward to them.