Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adversity creates environmentalism

Sunday – le dimanche

This is something that I’ve thought about for a long time. BY long time, I mean since last summer, and I think it’s something that both my environmental friends (Kate) and hippy friends (Jane) will appreciate. Sorry if I’m leaving other people out, but they’re the two that I can think of that read this blog regularly, and they’re the ones that would appreciate it the most. And my dad too, but he doesn’t read this, just because he’s been talking about carbon footprint stuff lately.

Anyway, to the story. Adversity creates environmentalism.

I explained last week about my shower situation. Well, it hasn’t changed, and Friday night, I took another bucked shower. (The more I think about it, the more I realize that I probably wouldn’t even waste my time with showers if it weren’t for my long hair.) This time, with my bucket shower, I only used HALF a bucket. Last time, I used a whole bucket. And these aren’t the standard 5 gallon buckets. This buckets is maybe 2 gallons, give or take. It’s not a standard bucket. But, the point is, is because I don’t have easy access to a shower, I now take bucket showers, which saves on so much water. And, in a desert, that’s really important. Plus, at this rate, I’m only taking two showers a week – instead of one every day. I use a little bit of water to brush my teeth and wash my face twice a day. So, that whole carbon footprint thing – I’m kicking ass and taking names right now!

The thing that really started me thinking about comes from what happened last summer at home. Another situation where a problem with the water changed bathing habits. We had a clog in our water pipe, so the presser was REALLY reduced, and it was a pain to take a shower. So, what we ended up doing is turning on the shower, rinsing, turn off the shower and let it build back up for a couple minutes. During this time, you would soap up. By the time you finished, the pressure would be built back up – but just enough so you could rinse off. Then do conditioner, and rinse off. Even though it was a pain in the ass, it was being environmentally friendly. I realize that this is a bigger issue on other parts of the country/world where there is an actual risk of water shortage, over the Aleutians which gets A LOT of rainfall every year. But, it’s still good to practice.

I’ll be honest, the sad part is that, I probably wouldn’t have conserved that much water last summer and now, which showering/bathing, if it hadn’t been for something else forcing me to do so. That’s a habit that I shouldn’t get into, I know. But it’s just something I’ve been thinking about.


  1. Proud to be your hippie friend. Or do you know another Jane that fits the bill? LOL Funny, we are having trouble with our shower at home--it starts out really hot but drops to really cold in about 90 seconds. So I am taking the fastest showers ever. I complain every day. I told Rich the only good thing is that I am conserving. :) For all my good intentions, I still love a nice, long, hot shower. I'm enjoying your blog and your adventures immensely! Sorry I haven't commented but I am in Houston with my little grandbaby in the hospital and usually just do a quick read of blogs and emails every day. Missed you at newsletter time at work--Pipa's computer went down (the one where you saved the template, etc) and Lauren was gone. Anne and I were scrambling, then I had to leave for Houston and I left it for Anne and Pipa to finish! If you hadn't been gone, we probably would have called you up! :) Keep having fun and learning lots! Love ya.

  2. Monica, so good to hear about you again. I swear girl, everytime I hear of you, you're in another part of the world!! You go girl. Learn all you can experience all, see it all. Go make a difference. Proud of you.

  3. I miss you very much! But in regards to your post, yes, it is sad that we are so unwilling to change unless we are forced. Personally, I try not to shower every day. But that's generally because my hair is so dry, that it's not good for it to have the oil rinsed out of it too often. See, even me, the environmentalist, does something to benefit me personally, and not purely to benefit the environment. That's a big problem, and I wish I knew how to solve it. One doesn't want to FORCE people to do things, but one can't incentivise every little thing. But one can't also just leave it up to the general public. Because usually they don't think of such things. If there is water coming out of the facet, they're happy. Ahh! Well. Maybe I'll come up with something soon that will change the world! Untill then, keep up the good work! Have fun. Learn french, etc. Love yoU!

  4. Bucket showers are the best!!! :) That's all we did in Tz. The cold water felt pretty good on a hot day. Although we ended up covered in sweat 5 min after the shower anyway. <3